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PhD Program

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) program requires you to conduct your own research and study, the topic of which must be in line with wireless research, and the final output to be in the form of a thesis.

This program is open to those who have acquired an Honour’s or Master’s degree and must have at least previously completed a thesis or a research paper based on the curriculum of his or her previous program or degree.

Most of the students at Wireless Research Centre are graduates of Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Mechanical Engineering programs. However, we do not restrict or place limitations as to the students we accept in this program, based on their educational background.

We admit students with backgrounds in the different areas of Science such as Computer Science and Software Engineering and others as long as we can find a common interest that would improve and contribute to the knowledge and information related to wireless research.

Before applying for the PhD program, it is highly recommended that you browse through the different research areas covered by the Wireless Research Centre and carefully determine if these studies coincide with your areas of interest.

This will aid you and the Centre to create a symbiotic relationship and an environment where we will be able to properly provide you with what is necessary, for your research to fully achieve its potential, and you can likewise contribute your knowledge to the Centre and to the country for future advancements in the field of wireless research.