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Master’s Program

Wireless Research Centre offers a Master’s program and this requires you to take a Master of Engineering program.

Under this program, you are required to undergo several written and practical works and towards the end of the program, you are expected to submit a thesis in order for you to complete the program.

The Wireless Research Centre has set up this program in a manner that would create an environment of learning that mainly focuses on research. This is because the Centre encourages its students to develop their knowledge and skills, aiming towards producing well-rounded professionals with problem-solving skills and training them to be critical thinkers.

The Centre is a good training ground for anyone who has interest in wireless research and would have something to bring to the table that is new and innovative.

This program is open to the following:

  • Graduates of Bachelor of Engineering with Honours
  • Graduates of Bachelor of Science with Honours
  • Those who have a Postgraduate Certificate in Engineering

If you wish to apply to this program, the first step in order to apply for this program is to familiarize yourself with the current research topics that we are handling. If you see any topics which are of your interest, then you can contact and approach the Centre’s staff or whoever is in charge of that particular topic and discuss matters with him or her to see if your topic of interest may be a potential addition to the research he or she is handling.