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A&E; TV’s Sell This House

Sell This House

A Do-It-Yourself fanatic I love the A&E; Show Sell This House. Sell This House stars Tanya Memme and Roger Hazard. We buy houses Marietta and sell This House uses opinions of prospective buyers to help homeowners who are desperately trying to sell their house stage their house.

At the beginning of each episode Tanya visits the home that will be featured on that episode, and chats about the house with the homeowner. Then she sends the homeowner out while an open house is held exactly as the house is. After the open house, the homeowner returns, and reviews with Tanya comments, caught by hidden cameras, made by the open house visitors. The comments are often very critical, and can sometimes be hurtful to the homeowner. The comments are an essential part of the show though, because it allows the homeowner and Sell This House crew to get into the mind of the prospective buyer. This is the point where Roger comes in, he then uses the comments made at the open house to redesign, redecorate, and stage the house.

After the house has been staged, usually on a shoestring budget, the same open house visitors are invited back to the house to comment on the changes made during the show. Usually after a visit by Sell This House, the house for sale is sold quickly.

I have learned so much from watching this show, and have incorporated many of the ideas from the show into my own home. If you can’t get enough of the show you can also visit the Sell This House section of the A&E; website, for more tips and tricks.

On the Sell This House website you will find an episode guide, photo gallery, Roger and Tanya’s biographies, and tips on preparing your home for the real estate market. If you are selling your home you can also apply to have your home featured on an episode of Sell Your House.

One of the major complaints from open house guests on Sell Your House is smells. Roger has several simple suggestions for making your house smell great, including cooking before an open house visit. The Sell Your House website features Roger’s recipes for Chocolate Chip Cookies, Apple Pie, Blueberry Muffins, and Peanut Butter Cookies. If baking is not for you Roger has other suggestions, such as placing a shallow pan containing Vanilla Extract into the oven, warming it up to make your house smell like vanilla, or he suggests placing two frozen cook-and-serve biscuits into the oven, and cooking them, making sure to remove them before they burn, creating a fresh baked biscuit smell in the home. These warm and cozy scents will help to create a warm and cozy feel to your home.

If you are planning to place your home on the real estate market, I definitely suggest watching Sell This House for some great ideas on preparing your house for market.

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