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Women’s Fat Burning

We, as women, have an up hill battle with burning fat. We often ask ourselves why it just won’t go away. Following a daily exercise routine or a daily diet isn’t always enough to get us seeing the results we want.

Men, on average, have 18% body fat, while we, as women, have 23%. Therefore, it is necessary that women and men follow different routines when burning fat. The fact with women, is simply being female. We have more enzymes. These enzymes store fat. Estrogen is also another factor against women and our fight against body fat. Our estrogen helps to multiply fat cells.

One need of fat burning is to have your workout routine in the morning. You will burn more fat this way. Burning fat is also the best way to lose weight.

Do not skip meals. This may lower your calorie and carb counts, but it does not aid in increasing your metabolism. Skipping meals allows your body to store even more fats from your meals. You do not need a five course meal, of course. But you do need to eat a proper portioned healthy meal.

Taking supplements or pills is also a good idea. Certain products have to be taken at certain time intervals and at different amounts. For example, one supplement, PhenQ, has a best time to take phenQ pills. If you do this correctly and according to the directions, you can burn the most fat. Check your nearest supplement store or online to find the best fat burning pill for you.

Sweating also not a sure way to lose fat. Are you doing it regularly? You would have to be very consistent and really push your cardio levels in order to make this effective for fat loss. Sweating simply pulls off some weight through water loss. However, once you re-hydrate after your workout it is put right back. Running is a wonderful way to help to burn fat, but you must be consistent.

Your body fat increases due to intake of fat and inactivity. Once you are regularly using your stored fat as well as a good portion of what your daily intake is, you will notice that you are getting thinner. This is because you are depleting the fat cells under your skin.

Be certain to have an appropriate diet. This is crucial in helping you to lose fat. You must burn off approximately 4000 calories to lose one pound of fat.

There are also certain foods that will assist you in fat burning. Protein is a good source. Your body has to work harder to process proteins. However, it must have a high protein count without a high fat content. So not just any protein will always be perfect for your body. Always read labels. Do your research.

Catabolic foods are another great way to help you. These foods burn more calories than they add. The best way to use these in your diet is to have some throughout the day, not all in one meal. Some catabolic vegetables are: brussels sprouts, broccoli, tomatoes, eggplant, celery, spinach, carrots, lettuce and some others. Some catabolic fruits are: lemons, oranges, grapefruit, limes, watermelon, plums and more. Again, these are just a few ideas to get you started

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