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Video Games are Transforming Our Means of Communication

Video Games

Undeniably, video games are indeed fun and entertaining. It connects people of all races, beliefs, and backgrounds same as genshin impact map.

When gamers engage with other players, they feel like they are on another level of being and intelligence as they take on their in-game character’s identity. Besides connecting and entertaining people, it also enhances self-esteem, cognitive abilities, motor skills, and critical thinking.

It also triggers people’s desire to compete and enhance their pre-existing thinking skills. They persevere more as they strive to defeat their opponents. The gaming industry is not just full of enthusiasts and “game addicts.”

The Genshin Impact gaming community is full of competitive, intellectual, resourceful, and smart people who can broaden their perspectives and build meaningful communities with people of different nationalities.


How do video games “transform” people’s means of communication?

Nowadays, children as early as twelve or fourteen have already been so engaged in several gaming applications. These gaming apps can be installed both on smartphones, personal computers, and laptops.

The devices mentioned above make gaming a lot easier and convenient for users. Because of the convenience brought by technological devices, gaming became very rampant.

The Genshin Impact gaming community has earned millions of followers and members who are actively participating in tournaments and live streaming. So, how do these communities communicate with their members?

Unsurprisingly, these communities discourage racial, gender, and any forms of discrimination.

The Genshin Impact gaming community helps people empathize with one another as they can often relate to each other’s dreams and failures. When one loses, the other ones know how it feels to lose that particular game, and it resolves the gap that separates them.

Games do have the potential to connect people not only virtually but also emotionally.

Studies show that 63% of players play games in squads than alone.

Video games allow people to actively interact not only virtually but also physically by playing together in person.

Games teach people the essence of teamwork. It helps them learn to achieve their common goals.

Players of all ages, genders, and nationalities flock together to celebrate the shared victory.


What are the benefits of communicating through gaming communities and platforms?

Unsurprisingly, most parents think that gaming intoxicates their children’s minds. Parents believe that it makes them lazy, dependent, and develop behavior addictions.

Although these assumptions could be valid when in moderation, gaming can be intellectually stimulating and mentally healthy. Thus, here are some truths that break these assumptions:


Several studies have shown that gaming allows the brain to function optimally. Regardless of what game a person is playing, it challenges the brain’s initial capacity to process information. As a result, a person’s cognitive functioning gradually improves over time.

The stimuli presented by a game’s challenges can cause a person to exercise their analytical skills and cue utilization (the most basic thinking skill).

As games hone a person’s thinking skills, they can apply them in defeating their virtual opponents and in real-life settings such as work and academics.

Video games are also equalizers for individuals with various physical abilities.

Advocacy communities such as Able Gamers help physically disabled gamers enjoy better gaming by working with publishers and developers to release modified controllers that assist individuals with accessibility issues.


Gaming, when not practiced in moderation, could lead to health conditions and psychological problems. However, when practiced optimally, it can develop cognitive skills and enhance confidence.

These platforms also encourage frequent communication among players of similar interests. Generally speaking, it leads to both pros and cons, depending on how people manage their behavior.

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