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Top News Website Designs You Can Use this 2020

News websites are always built to inform its readers about facts or opinions. That’s why the focus of their sites are focused on the website design but instead on its content. As mentioned by, news websites are usually built with a more simple look compared to other types of sites.

Even though news websites are minimalist, they also need to have an alluring look that means “we mean business,” but “we look good.” That’s why you need to have proper web design services to give your news website the best look.

Just in case you want to pick themes, though, we have a list of news websites that you can use as a basis for creating your own. Check them out below:


The first up is SFGate. The great thing about SFGate is that it has a layout that arranges the articles in such a way that they’re easy to access. The first article headline you’ll immediately see at the top of the website is the most recent one. Below, you’ll see succeeding articles of previous dates. There is also a red Subscribe button that is meant for catching your attention like a Call to Action.

CBS News

The cool thing about CBS News is that it has alluring imaging and a captivating layout. You can even say that their website design resembles that of Netflix. It’s dark but attention-grabbing at the same time. You can say that the news can easily be seen, but the imagery is what makes it the whole setting easy on the eyes.


Bloomberg, being a premiere news anchor, is definitely a website that you can draw inspiration from. The site itself screams “hard news.” The layout and design are simple so that everything is easy to find. The layout is straightforward to navigate, and the articles are all arranged properly.


The main attraction of the Aljazeera website is its heading. The heading shows a big picture of the breaking news article followed by the breaking news headline. So if you like sites wherein you can see the headline of the news you want to read about right away, Aljazeera is the website to use as your inspiration.

The NewsXpaper

NewsXpaper is actually a WordPress theme that is very popular among news website owners. In fact, a lot of news websites make use of this WordPress theme. It has a pretty striking layout, and it organizes each section into categories. It also showcases four of the top headlines at the top part of the website.


These are some of the best news websites that you can take as your inspiration when you build your own. Now, if you don’t really know much about web design, you can enlist quality web design services from professionals to help you. You can then show them which theme you want to be emulated, and they can produce a good output for you. Just choose from our list above!

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