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The Best Digital Picture Frame 2019: Modern Way to Display Your Favorite Photos

Digital Picture Frame

Nowadays, people take wireless digital photo frame more often than not. The digital picture frame allows you to display hundreds of pictures in order to bring special memories back to life. These frames are designed to display pictures that are uploaded from different sources like smartphones, social media, cloud storage accounts, or hard drives.

However, there are numerous digital picture frames in the market and finding the most suitable to display your photos can be tricky, In this article, we will look at some of the best picture frames available in 2019.

Nix Advance Digital Photo Frame

If you are looking for a digital picture frame that is the best value for money, then the NIX Advance would be a great option. Available in a wider range of sizes, this digital picture frame offers fabulous photo quality without any distracting blurriness.

The only downside of this picture frame is that it omits WiFi, making it an unsuitable choice for anyone that is technology savvy. However, it is most ideal for those who prefer to load images via a USB stick or SD card. It is a plug and play digital frame that allows you to send your parents or grandparents some family pictures into the included USB stick.

Nonetheless, you still get to enjoy useful features like a motion sensor, easy to use frame interface and excellent video quality. Another impressive feature is the high-resolution backlit display that provides a wide viewing angle.


Great value

Compact design

Great image quality

Includes motion sensors


Lacks WiFi

No built-in storage

Nixplay Iris Digital Photo Frame

Stay connected to your family and friends with this 8-inch photo frame with a burnished bronze, silver or peach copper design. Although designed to resemble a traditional photo frame, Nixplay Iris is WiFi-enabled and this gives you the ability to transfer content wirelessly. The 8GB storage of the Nixplay Iris is very impressive. However, it would be impossible to add more storage space since it doesn’t include SD or USB slots.

This digital frame offers interconnectivity as Alexa is able to turn it on or off. In order to use this frame, you need to first download the Nixplay app and create an account. Users will benefit from the 10GB of cloud storage and access to images stored on Instagram, Facebook, and Google Photos.

In addition, there is an activity sensor that turns on the frame when it senses someone in the room as well as a light sensor that brightens and dims the panel. However, all these amazing features come at a price.



Great image quality

Smart sensors

Fabulous design


On the expensive side

Omits card slots

Aluratek ADMPF108F Digital Photo Frame

This is the best digital photo frame for those who have a tight budget. It features a 17.3-inch display, allowing you to view your content on a big display. Users can upload photos, videos as well as music files on this frame without any problem.

The setup is very easy since you just need to connect the cord and plug it in the frame. You can also choose to place it on the table via the stand or hang it on the wall. We also liked that it has USB and SD card slots that add to the 512MB of internal storage.

However, some users complain that the power cord is short and that it produced dimmer photos compared to other frames.


Extremely easy to set up


Supports videos and audios


Low internal storage of 512 MB

Colors appear dim and faded


Hopefully, this review has helped you make an informed buying decision when it comes to digital picture frames. These picture frames will revive special moments as you go through and send a collection of Digital Photos and videos. When making your decision, be sure to consider important factors such as resolution, connectivity, supported formats, sensors, designs, and other features.

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