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How to Improve Phone Etiquette in Your Restaurant

Phone Etiquette in Your Restaurant

The use of telephones to enquire from restaurants has reduced due to the availability of online information as well as modern platforms of communication. Nevertheless, phone calls to a restaurant are still used, especially when seeking clarifications. When the customers call, should be handled in a professional manner that will attract them to the premises. Several tips can be used to improve phone etiquette in a restaurant.

Quick Answering

Phones should be answered without any delay. The customer might get annoyed when the phone rings without an instant answer. In the end, they get annoyed and might not visit the restaurant. If the management is not able to employ someone to be picking the calls, several phones can be placed at strategic positions such as at the counters, near cooking area and even near the kitchen sinks where the staff can easily pick and attend to the customers. Avoid keeping the caller on hold for too long. It can make or break your business’ impression in the eyes of a potential customer.


An introduction is of paramount importance because it sets the base for conversation. Greetings should be the first words after receiving the call. In addition to the name of the restaurant, the receiver should mention his/her name. This makes the customer feels the connection with the person on the other end. Mentioning the name creates comfort where the client feels that he/she is talking to a real person.


The smile could be invisible to the person receiving the phone, but they can feel it. The tone should be molded to sound as if the person receiving the phone is smiling. A friendly tone makes the caller feel the smile, making them feel comfortable and appreciated.

Know the Menu

Mastering the menu makes the caller judge the effectiveness of the staff on their job. The recipient should know all the services and foods offered at the restaurant. In most cases, the customers call to enquire about the foods and services and expect instant answers from the restaurant. If the person receiving the phone sounds confused or unaware of the menu, the caller may doubt the availability of the food or services. All the staff, including the dishwasher, should know the menu. He/she should be in a position to halt their work at the kitchen sinks to correctly respond to the customer’s phones.

Giving Correct Information

Customers expect to be given correct information about their orders. If they are told that the booking will be ready at a specific time, it should be precise. Customers usually get angry when they are kept waiting for their meals. It is vital for the person receiving the call to have basic knowledge of what the customers are likely to ask. For example, they should know the average time it will take for their meals to be ready. It will be confusing and annoying when the customers arrive and the staffs are busy at the kitchen sinks washing raw food expected to be served to the customers, yet they were expecting ready food on arrival.

Continuous Learning

Continuous training and learning are important to enhance customer support skills. Role playing is a good way of practicing. Also, genuinely caring for excellent customer service can go a long way.

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