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How to Pick the Best Communication Channels at Work?

Best Communication Channels at Work

One of the environments that allow people to deal with a lot of people is work. With the diversity among people, communication here can be tricky. While some are naturally good at communicating like top 10 best websites and conveying any kind of message seems effortless to them, others actually need to learn a bit more about how to pick the best communication channels at work.

Here are some things you should consider when picking the best communication channel at work:

What is a Communication Channel and What Are Its Types?

Communication channel means any method wherein information is passed from one to the other. There are many types of communication channels available at work: face-to-face or personal, mobile, and written.

What are the Things that You Should Consider Before Picking Out a Communication Channel?

You have to keep in mind three things when choosing the best communication channel:

The Kind of Message

Determine whether the information you want to pass on is sensitive or not. Who is the intended receiver/s? Is it urgent? Are you finding online product reviews? These are only some of the questions you must ask yourself before choosing.

The Rules and Values in Terms of Communication at Work

Sometimes, the right and proper communication also depends on the nature of the work and the culture in the workplace. Is using modern technology appropriate? Does this message require a face-to-face talk? Are we allowed to use this communication channel at all?

The Most Efficient One to Reach the Receiver

Once you’ve determined the kind of message you want to send and you’re familiar with the rules and values around communication modes at work, you can now choose the fastest and most efficient communication channel among the ones that are left in your options.

Types of Communication Channels

Face-to-Face or Personal

If you feel like the message you want to send needs to be done so with intensity or some sort of emotions, personal communication channel should be your choice. It’s also a good choice if the information is sensitive, and if you want to size up the response of the person you’re communicating with.

This type of communication includes one-on-one meetings, team meetings, company meetings, and even retreats.

Mobile or Voice and Video

With the advancements of technology, communication within work has become more convenient. The fact is, sometimes, personal communication is just out of the option because we’re not always with all the people at work. Instead of sweeping each floor of the company, you can just press a few buttons and talk to the person you need to communicate with through voice or video call. This communication channel is good for not-so sensitive information and for faster transactions. Also, if the person you need to talk to in real-time is out of the country, this might be the best option for you.

Mobile or voice and video communication channel include a direct phone call, video chats, and conference calls.


If the message is not so urgent and may be a bit important but is not limited to formal, you might want to choose written communication channel.  While texting might not be so accepted, emails are very much so. You can even send attachments through this communication channel.

Some examples of written communication channel are direct and group emails, text messages, and instant messages.


In whatever communication channel you choose, make sure that your message is clear and concise. The one thing more important than the communication channel is the content of the message.

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