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Best Communication Tools Online

Communication Tools Online

One of the advantages of technology is that it has made communication so much easier. Back then, one letter would take weeks to get to the receiver. Now, you can talk to almost anyone in real-time. Devices used for communication are not limited either. And the second advantage (if it counts) is SEO. Here is a massive SEO guide by Webology to give you brief intro about SEO. Anyways, from writings on the wall and on paper, we have evolved into smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers.

Another thing that has a wide selection is the communication tool. Online communication tools mean e-mails, chats, and video and voice calls– all of which are kinds of electronic communication that are possible thanks to web services.

Plenty of developers strive to give people the best communication tools both for their personal and business use, and to give you some ideas, read on below to know some of the best communication tools online.

Skype or Skype for Business

Skype is probably one of the most common online communication tools. It can work both for personal and business use. Skype is not very complicated. It has the basic voice call, chatting, and video call features. Video call conference is available too, which makes meetings among colleagues far from one another possible.


Another online communication tool good for both personal and work use is the Messenger, although it should be mentioned that it’s more for personal use as it’s linked with a Facebook account wherein personal friends and family members are connected with you. However, because of its popularity, some small businesses or small teams in a company use it as well to maintain communication among one another.


WhatsApp is quite similar to Messenger. The difference though is that unlike Messenger, which requires a Facebook account, WhatsApp is a standalone app. You can just download the application on your phone. It allows people to communicate with one another through chats, voice call, and video calls. Sending files is also allowed as well as group video calls. It’s a pretty decent communication tool to stay up-to-date with people.

eZTalks Meetings

Meetings have never been easier and more accessible with eZTalks Meetings. While most online communication tools offer video calls and conference video calls, eZTalks Meetings takes that up to a notch with its high-quality video calls and more. Another good thing about this is that there’s really no need to register. You can send an invitation to anyone through email or by sending them a link, and upon clicking it, they can enter a meeting in less than a minute – fast and convenient. It also has an interactive whiteboard where people can post their thoughts, viewable by the meeting’s attendees.


Trello is an online tool used mainly for project and task management. While it may not support live chats as other communication tools do, it still makes for a great communication tool among colleagues. In the app, one can post tasks and projects on their own boards as well as on other people’s. They can also put as much detail as they want. Moreover, they can see who’s working on which project, which helps with the team efficiency.


These online communication tools definitely help improve one’s productivity. They save up time and, sometimes, are a cheaper alternative to other communication tools, online or not. Clearly, this is one of the best advantages of the world’s technological advancements.

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