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Wireless Research Centre Leader named as Inaugural Theme Leader in the Geospatial Research Institute

Dr. Samuel Decker is a research leader of the Wireless Research Centre. She was named and invited to be the inaugural theme leader in the Geospatial Research Institute (GRI) with the theme GeoUrban: Smart Cities and Infrastructure.

The GRI is a unit that operates within the University of Canterbury. It conducts a wide range of research projects relating to geospatial-related research.

The theme, Smart Cities and Infrastructure is a popular and significant topic to a lot of people and it has gained the attention of many due to the fact that a lot of opportunities have arisen in relation to the rebuilding of Christchurch. The rebuilding, to be a successful one, requires a good foundation of the infrastructure and one of which is wireless communication technology.

Wireless communication is now considered as one of the most important matters when it comes to building cities and communities. It is part of the foundation of almost everything and a deeper understanding of its technicalities combined with research can help in the improvement of people’s lives and lifestyle. This will eventually lead to a better economy.

With the WRC leader being named as the inaugural theme leader, there is no doubt that research on wireless communication will be broadened and new discoveries will be made and applied. This will likewise lead to new opportunities for others who are interested in conducting research in this field.

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