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The Wireless Research Centre is a good training ground for Engineering students who would want to put their knowledge and skills to the test.


The Wireless Research Centre conducts research relating to the wireless communication industry, taking into account the latest developments in technology and the current situation of the society.

The Wireless Research Centre provides a unique and effective platform to cater to both students and industrial providers towards the goal of achieving the maximum potential of what wireless research can provide to society. The Centre is conscious of the latest trends in the market as well as the technological advancements, and we aim to further expand our knowledge, so we can innovate solutions to the challenges posed in science and other technical aspects relating to wireless communication.

The Centre is equipped with the resources and the advisers to help train students, so they may develop their talents and skills in order to bring out the best of their abilities. With the training and experience that the students will be exposed to, they will be able to graduate as well-trained students who are ready for employment.

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Women’s Fat Burning

We, as women, have an up hill battle with burning fat. We often ask ourselves why it just won’t go away. Following a daily exercise routine or a daily diet isn’t always enough to get us seeing the results we want.
Men, on average, have 18% body fat, while we, as women, have 23%. Therefore, it is necessary that women and men follow different routines when burning fat. The fact with women, is simply being female. We have more enzymes. These enzymes store fat. Estrogen is also another factor against women and our fight against body fat. Our estrogen helps to multiply fat cells.
One need of fat burning is to have your workout routine in the morning. You will burn more fat this way. Burning fat is also the best way to lose weight.
Do not skip meals. This may …

Wireless Remotes for Your Photography

Benefits of Wireless Remotes for Your Photography

The quality of photography is becoming more competitive these days. Every decade, images have been shifting from black and white to vibrant, high-quality photos. As mentioned by infphoto, competent photography equipment is also every photographer’s dream nowadays. Fortunately, with technological advancements, anything can be attainable in the hands of brilliant developers.
From camera-clicking to remote-controlled picture taking, internet photos have continuously improved over time. Shooting and filming using a wireless remote give plenty of additional flexibility and coverage to your photography options. Indeed, touching or tapping your camera is no longer possible or practical. Something simple as clicking …

Bitcoin Even Without Internet

Sending Bitcoin Even Without Internet

Using Radio and Circumvent Network Censorship to send Bitcoin

In today’s modern world, wherein a lot of us are dependent on digital money and internet connectivity, there are certain transactions, and daily activities that get affected should internet connectivity fail from communication with peers and loved ones to paying bills and finances through a credit card.
Bitcoin, being a form of cryptocurrency, involves a lot of processes to set up a transaction.
However, there may be ways in which you can still employ bitcoin even without the traditional means.
Learning to transfer currency without using the internet may be fairly easy, depending on the stability of politics in your location. This is quite useful …


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