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The Wireless Research Centre has several fields of interest when it comes to wireless communication. We have a wide range of topics that we are focusing on and we are eager to hear from others who find a mutual interest in these areas of interest.

The Centre conducts research on the following topics:

MIMO and Diversity Techniques

MIMO stands for multiple in, multiple out. The coverage of this research focuses finding ways and means on how to improve the quality of wireless links through the various methods and techniques of using two or more antennas in order for it to be more stable and reliable.

Software Defined Radio

A software defined radio or SDR is a means used to implement certain components through a computer software instead of it being traditionally implemented through hardware such as an amplifier.

This research covers cognitive radio or a network technology that is capable of detecting channels within a wireless spectrum which are used and move on to another vacant one thus allowing more communications to run at one time.

OFDM and High Data Rate Modulations

OFDM stands for Orthogonal Frequency-Division Multiplexing. It is a scheme used to encode digital data on varying frequencies. This multi-carrier scheme is used by companies in providing DSL internet and wireless networks, radio and television broadcasts, and even mobile service providers have dived into this scheme.

The Centre’s aim for OFDM is finding means of improving its quality and performance for more stability in the connection.

Sensor Networking and the Internet of Things

A sensor network is a wireless network that is composed of wireless sensors or nodes. The network is used as a means of collecting data, which monitor the physical and environmental conditions of a remote location and subsequently pass the collected data to a main location.

Internet of things pertains to physical things and devices that are made out of electronics, sensors, or has network connectivity that allows it to gather and exchange data.

This area of research focuses on finding solutions for a more effective and efficient way of collecting data regarding physical and environmental conditions.

Mission Critical Communications and Resilient Networks

This area of interest focuses more on researching and understanding the different kinds of weaknesses that the wireless communication technologies are exposed to and finding solutions for its recovery in cases of exposures to risks.