Since 1983, MSR has provided a forum for men who are interested in ending violence in their community and in their own lives. We provide workshops and trainings on sexual assault, dating violence, masculinity, homophobia, and rape culture from the perspective that since men statistically have perpetrated the vast number of acts of violence in our culture, they must be involved in its erradication. It is not male identity, but rather a set of mythologies about what masculine identity is or should be, that leads to violent behavior; this can be un-learned, and together we can shape a new, loving masculinity.

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the Rap Sheet :


Recent study shows ‘shocking’ data on status of Wis. girls
(The Daily • Nov. 7, 2007
A Nov. 7 report described the overall status of girls age 10 to 19 in Wisconsin, showing some “shocking” statistics in regards to both health issues and racial differences.

The Status of Girls report, sponsored by Alverno College and state women’s groups, showed 42 percent of girls 15 or younger reported their first sexual contact was not consensual, and almost one-third of high school girls reported drinking five or more drinks in a single sitting at least once in the past month.

Kathleen O’Brien, Alverno College’s senior vice president for academic affairs, found the statistics on non-consensual sexual contact “pretty shocking.”[read more]

3 young boys arrested in rape case
(WSBTV, Atlanta) • Nov. 19, 2007
ACWORTH, Ga. -- Police say they've arrested three young boys on charges they kidnapped and raped an 11-year-old girl in the woods near an Acworth apartment complex.
Police say the boys -- who are 8 and 9 years old -- are in a Cobb County youth detention center but could face adult criminal charges.
"Reportedly two 9-year-old boys and one 8-year-old boy took the girl into the woods against her will where she was raped," said Capt. Wayne Bennard of the Acworth Police Department. [read more]


Acquittal in assault stirs anger
(The Baltimore • October 19, 2007
In the messy world of domestic violence cases, often complicated by a lover's willingness to forgive, this one had a promising twist for prosecutors: Though the woman refused to testify against her boyfriend, a police officer said she had witnessed the attack in a Laurel gas station parking lot.

But Anne Arundel County Circuit Judge Paul Harris, in a decision that has victims' rights advocates crying foul, acquitted the man charged with second-degree assault after he was accused of striking his girlfriend three times in the face. The judge said that without the woman's testimony, he could not be sure that she hadn't consented to the attack. [read more]


Rapes Reported by Servicewomen in the Persian Gulf and Elsewhere
( • Feb. 26, 2004
The United States military is facing the gravest accusations of sexual misconduct in years, with dozens of servicewomen in the Persian Gulf area and elsewhere saying they were sexually assaulted or raped by fellow troops, lawmakers and victims advocates said on Wednesday. There have been 112 reports of sexual misconduct over roughly the past 18 months in the Central Command area of operations, which includes Iraq, Kuwait and Afghanistan...[read more]



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