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Strategic Partnership Press Release Sample PR Writing Format

Announcing a new strategic partnership or business relationship with a well-structured press release is essential to present the relationship for media, partners, customers and potential business investors.

While press release writing styles tend to vary by business, industry or public relations agency, there are some basic elements that should be included in a partnership press release. Sample PR formats and writing styles can help to frame up a press release to ensure inclusion of all relevant information that should be highlighted in a new partnership.


Sample PR Formats for Partnership Press Releases

A standard corporate PR writing style and format for a strategic partnership press release includes the following elements.

  • Press release headline. Headlines in partnership press releases are typically straight-forward announcing the two companies have formed a partnership. Sample headline: “XYZ Company and ABC Company Announce Strategic Partnership”.
  • Press release subhead. The subhead elaborates on the extent of the partnership or the type of partnership that is formed. Sample subhead: “Partnership to include co-marketing of products and services with exclusive sales distribution”.
  • Opening PR statement. The opening statement of the press release clearly states the new partnership agreement and restates the headline and subhead in a more concise announcement statement. Next to the title and subhead, the opening statement is one of most important elements of the partnership press release because it is the summary most likely to be picked up by media.
  • Expansion of PR statement. The opening statement is typically followed by a broader or more detailed description of the strategic agreement, further elaborating on the structure of the relationship.
  • Company quote #1 and #2. Partnership press releases should include a quote from both companies stating the importance of the new agreement and how it complements each company. A quote from the primary business in the partnership is listed first, followed by a quote from the secondary business. Sample quotes may include: “We are pleased to expand our relationship with XYZ Company” or “Our new partnership with ABC Company will help us expand into new markets”.
  • Summary statement. Strategic partnership press releases should include a final summary that may offer a glimpse of how the partnership will be implemented, when customers will start seeing changes or other forward-thinking details.
  • Company boiler plate copy #1 and #2. A standard corporate PR writing style includes a concise, well-written boiler copy for each company that provides an overview of the company products and services or mission. The primary company in the partnership is listed first.

Launching Strategic Partnerships with Press Releases

A press release announcement of a new partnership should be structured to include essential agreement details that effectively launch the new relationship. Industry niche business publications and websites are likely to run coverage of a partnership press release when positioned as a strategic and influential business arrangement. Businesses can also generate a lot of PR buzz by tapping into social media PR strategies to spread the partnership announcement news to the industry, customers, prospects and potential investors.

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