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Travel Photographers Guide: Portable Hard Drives

Travel Photographers Guide

Portable hard drives and the photo stick reviews uk are the most useful mass storage device any travel photographer should have in their bags and kits. While it packs a truly massive storage capacity for your most high definition photos and files, its contents can also be accessed on any PC via its USB cord.

If you are planning to travel for photography, if you aren’t a travel photographer by profession already, a portable storage will come in handy. Here is a guide to help you pack the portable hard drive that suits your photography and storage needs.

Using a Portable Hard Drive for Photo Storage

For those who do not know what a portable hard drive is, this is a stand-alone storage device that is specially designed to enable huge storage capacity. This is commonly used as an extra component in case your PC or laptop has limited storage or has its storage full to maximum capacity already. The innovations made on the traditional portable hard drives, from solid-state drives (SSD) to multifunctional portable hard drives, make them more functional for every type of user – travel photographers included.

Benefits of Using a Portable Hard Drive

Having a portable hard drive is more than just extra storage at your disposal. This is also your on-the-go photo storage, especially those portable hard drives with built-in SD card to drive transfer functionalities. Plus, a portable hard drive can also work as your dedicated photo storage so you do not need to save your captures on your laptop and lose valuable storage on your device. This is a good organizational device for travel photographers in order to sort captures done from each location. Regardless of how you want to use the portable hard drive, having one would definitely benefit your need to consume storage space more consciously.

How to Better Use a Portable Hard Drive for Travel Photographers

The first thing you need to consider is choosing the type, make, and model of the portable hard drive. If you do not really travel much, a regular portable hard drive can already do so much. This is also recommended for starters in travel photography. However, if you travel much and you tend to transfer files on the go, you better get a solid-state drive (SSD) for longevity thanks to its impact-proof components.

The second aspect of a hard drive you need to consider is its compatibility with your device (i.e. your PC, Mac, phone, or even your SLR and DSLR camera). While most portable hard drives are now compatible with most PC systems, OS versions, and port versions, the transfer speed varies and quickens when using a hard drive. Connectivity to the storage is also important to consider. There are a wide range of options from micro USB, USB-C, and even wireless transfers.

Lastly, you need to know how much extra storage you need. If your laptop already has massive storage, you may consider buying a portable hard drive with lesser capacity to save up on costs. However, if you need more, go for the higher capacity ones.

Recommended Portable Hard Drive for Travel Photographers

WD, Samsung, and G-Technology are among the top companies that manufacture the most durable solid-state drives (SSDs) and multifunctional portable hard drives. This should help you realize how advantageous it is to have portable storage with you on your trips. You will never have to experience that disheartening “Storage Full” notification again!

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