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7 Best Options For Online and Offline Photo Storage

Online and Offline Photo Storage

Nowadays, it is very easy to take pictures of the highest quality.  Because of this, one can capture wonderful memories in full HD.  With this, however, the problem of photo storage arises.  High-quality images can take up a lot of space in the local hard drive of your computer, forcing you to offload some photos to free up space.

In order to preserve and protect these precious memories, you’re going to need reliable photo storage and back-up system.  For this, you have at your disposal, online and offline options, whichever fits your requirements.  In this article, you will be provided with the seven best options (including the best mobile sticks for photos) both for online and offline storage.

First off, let’s start with the more traditional offline storage.

Additional Desktop Hard Drive

Straight up, it’s just an extra Hard Disk Drive that will be inserted into your Computer.  It comes in 500 GB, 1 TB, 2 TB, and 4 TB storage.  Having an extra HDD will already give you enough storage dedicated for your photos.

External Hard Drive

This is much safer than a desktop HDD because it is separate from the computer unit.  In the event that the computer fails, your EHD will be far from harm, along with your precious photos.  Popular brands are LaCie for Mac, Seagate, and Western Digital.  They also come in different storage capacities.  The key here is to get as much storage as your pockets can afford.  Nowadays, you can get a 1 TB or 2 TB EHD for a good price although 4 TB, 6 TB, or 8 TB are much more ideal.

Now, we’ll move on to the online storage options.


With this, you get 2 GB free storage for your files and photos.  You can purchase additional storage starting at 9.99 USD per month, which comes with an additional 2 Terabytes of storage space.

Amazon Photos

If your an Amazon Prime member, you get 5 GB free storage for your files.  Should you choose to expand your storage, plans start at 11.99 USD per year with 100 GB additional storage.

Microsoft Onedrive

This comes available with every Windows 10 operating system.  You’re also given free 5 GB storage.  Plans start at 1.99 USD per month for a 100 GB additional storage.

Google Photos

This Google service provides you with unlimited free storage for photos under 16 Megapixels, and 1080p HD for video resolution.  If you want to upload larger sized files, the service limits you to 15 GB only (Google Drive storage)  For additional space other than the free 15 GB, plans start at 1.99 USD per month for an additional 100 GB or 2.99 for 200 GB.


This is a photo storage option for apple products only.  You get 5 GB free space, and additional storage is available for 0.99 USD per month for an additional 50 GB.  Your photos are accessible from any Apple device (iPhone, iPad, Mac) through iCloud.  You also have the option to upload full resolution or lite versions of your photos.  Once your device connects to the internet, iCloud automatically backs up your photos and syncs them on all your Apple devices.


No matter what photo storage solution you choose, you should understand how it works, where the backup is located, and what’s the backup schedule.  The best way to go is to supplement your offline storage with an online option.  That way, you can preserve your captured memories.

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