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Introducing Wireless in Web Technologies

Wireless in Web Technologies

Computer and web technologies are rapidly growing in this generation. It comes in many forms such as the use of mobile phones, laptops, tablets, etc. With the introduction of wireless technology to these gadgets, you can remotely access a lot of things with just the use of the internet. You can use the wireless method to view CCTVs, you can use AI driven image compression tool for better SEO or even control movies in televisions by using your phone. In this article, we will have a brief introduction of wireless and wireless products in the field of web development.

WED or Wireless Embedded Devices

These devices use a microprocessor-based product which is commonly used in TVs, air conditioners, alarm clocks, and coffee machines. These devices are famous for the term embedded devices because unlike personal computers, WEDs have very tiny computers with a very fixated operation compared to personal computers which can run a various range of applications.

WED can also be a part of a computer. For instance, a mobile phone has various WED in its applications. A phone can run various applications like calendars, calculators, or even organizers. These applications are considered as WEDs.

These embedded devices are not wired to the computer itself but are using wireless technology to communicate themselves with the computer.


iPlanet Technologies provide service providers and businesses with a chance to use and download new services. Within the wireless server of iPlanet, people can access their calendar, address, or even email wirelessly. This is like accessing your cellphone but with the use of the iPlanet servers. Users can even use this server the same as using their personal computers and access these features from their wireless digital devices.

Java Cards

One of the most popular and most used wireless technologies today, Java card technology became extremely famous to all, including computer engineers and IT professionals. Java Cards have various features not present with any other wireless devices out there.

Java Card technology allows a feature wherein a plastic with a size of a credit card is embedded with an IC (integrated circuit). The integrated circuit comes with a microprocessor together with a memory which stores and processes information.

The invention of Java cards is considered a breakthrough in the field of web technologies. It can standardize a common card platform. For instance, a wireless phone operator called a GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) can have the ability to instantly create new services that can be specifically downloaded and installed to the smart card inside the mobile phone.

Below are some of the technologies utilizing Java Cards with each having almost the same principle but with varying uses and importance to the technologies they are installed.

·         Java 2 Technology (Micro Edition)

·         J2ME Configurations and Profiles

·         J2ME Connected Limited Device Configuration (CLDC)

·         K Virtual Machine

·         J2ME Mobile Information Device Profile

·         J2ME RMI Profile

·         J2ME Foundation Profile

·         J2ME Personal Profile

·         J2ME Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) Profile

·         J2ME Connected Device Configuration

Other Wireless Web Developments

Other wireless technologies that are not part of the Java Card technology are the Java Phone API and the PersonalJava application.

The Java Phone API is just the extension to PersonalJava which consists of two profiles that target the wireless smartphones and the Internet of screen phones. It provides the possibility of using the overall function of user’s telephone features which include application installations, access of user-profiles, datagram messaging, or even direct telephone control.

The invention of these technologies not just revolutionized the world of wireless technologies but also had a great impact on our day-to-day lives as a human being. It has helped many businessmen and engineers to have the opportunity to improve their knowledge and develop new inventions for the betterment of the community.

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