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How CBD Oil Helps Vertigo and Tinnitus in Call Center Agents

CBD Oil Helps Vertigo

The Philippine Journal of Ophthalmology in 2008, published a journal on call center agents.You can visit this link to know in the journal were the ear and eye conditions these agents are likely to suffer. By spending the most time on the computer and on listening to headphones, they are prone to suffer eye conditions and acoustic shock disorder.

In line with this, a study conducted in Britain in 2006 revealed that more than 1,000 call center agents suffer the effects of extreme noise. Individuals start experiencing ear pressure and tinnitus follows. Later, they experience fluctuating hearing loss followed by acute vertigo episodes.

What is Vertigo?

Vertigo is that sensation which makes you feel as though you are moving yet you are standing or lying still. Most people associate it with dizziness and describe it as a similar feeling as you get when suffering from motion sickness.

Call center agents are prone to suffering from vertigo since the primary cause is an ear infection. With the sharing of equipment in some call centers, the agents are likely to transmit these infections among themselves.

What is tinnitus?

Tinnitus is a medical term for the ringing sound in your ears. It is a common universal problem and is commonly associated with other underlying diseases. The common cause of tinnitus is ear damage and it can result in hearing loss.

Loss of hearing could be due to age or noise damage. Call center agents to experience a lot of noise, especially if they spend the entire day on headsets.

How does CBD oil come in?

For vertigo

Medical CBD oil activates specific endocannabinoid body receptors, especially those in the CNS (central nervous system). While scientists have been conducting numerous research on the therapeutic benefits of CBD oil to some illnesses, there is limited research on medical marijuana in treating vertigo.

Nonetheless, anecdotal reports obtained from patients who have used cannabidiol to treat vertigo show a remarkable success. Medical hemp is a good option for treating dizziness because cannabis provides anti-seizure effects.

Some of the symptoms of vertigo that CBD oil alleviates include headache, nausea, and vomiting, jerking eye movements, depression, and anxiety.

The major success has been in nausea and vomiting; whose research started decades back. In 1975, researchers conducted a study, which showed a 100% success rate among all their 20 patients, who experienced nausea relief after using certain THC types.

For tinnitus

Scientists are still researching further on how CBD oil will help with tinnitus. Tinnitus is a frustrating condition to deal with and often leads to stress. Till date, there is no proven cure for the disease, which has led to immense pressure on scientists to find alternative methods to minimize its impact.

Currently, scientists are sure that hemp oil will help tinnitus patients. Before diving into the benefits of hemp on tinnitus, it is crucial to note that cannabidiol doesn’t have a direct effect on the cause of tinnitus. Instead, it helps make the condition manageable.

Recent studies prove that hemp oil is a suitable treatment for anxiety and sleep disorders which come about due to tinnitus. Along with the research, cannabidiol has shown impeccable results as a sedative.

In January 2019, research was published, and as much as 79.2% of the subjects who used CBD oil recorded decreased anxiety. In another study, 66.7% of patients showed better sleep after using CBD as treatment.

Final thoughts

CBD oil has created a fuss over its immense medical prowess. However, if you suffer from the above conditions, it is wise to consult a doctor. We highly discourage against seeking over-the-counter medication.

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