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These Devices May Be Spying On You

Devices May Be Spying

We are in an age where modern technology dominates everything around us, including our homes. Everywhere we go, we all have infrared game camera reviews, mobile phones that we use to communicate with everyone, whether it is through phone calls, texts, or even via the Internet. However, as much as technology is beneficial to our daily activities, most of these devices are used for other purposes.

Most governments and powerful world organizations were seen to be spying on us, and they are using the latest technologies to know everything about us, our daily activities, our likes and preferences, and even our secrets which they use for personal and organizational gains and profits.

While we don’t want you to panic, here are two of the most used devices and gadgets day that can be utilized to spy on us:


While we all engage ourselves in using the internet to connect our device to the world, it also opened the gates for espionage. The first thing they track on your phone is your data usage and activities, including the website(s) you are regularly accessing. Most manufacturing and marketing companies usually spy on your phone so they can pitch in their products and services to you in the best and most personal way possible.

As much as your smartphone connects to the internet, many commercial spies and criminal intelligence groups, alongside criminal masterminds wanting to sell your identity to a black market, wants to spy on you. Internet traffic nowadays has become a gold mine where everything running through it is a valuable gibberish.

Internet of Things (IoT) Devices

while phones are the main high-tech devices we use almost every day, some of us tend to use smart devices to monitor some of our daily activities. Smartwatches and wearables are the most used IoT devices that are continually in demand in the tech market.

Although not all of us engage in having wearables, other IoT’s can be tracked by espionage companies. Smart TVs can tell them the usual channels or shows you watch. Home pods can tell whether you are home or whether you have security and anti-theft devices set up.

IP cameras can become their trail cameras and see your daily activities at home, even the most sensual ones in your own bedroom if you have set up a webcam or an IP camera in it. Even your smart appliances can provide information to commercial spies on what you usually cook and store.


While this does not track any personal activity, most household uses a modem to provide themselves internet from their service providers. Anything we access online is stored in the modem or router and can be used by spies to know your internet activity via the websites you visit.

Plus, most smart homes depend on their modem or router to get online access. As this is the source and gateway of internet traffic, this is a prime target for those who wanted to gain information about you and your whereabouts.

The best way to evade these spies is to lessen your internet activity or become discreet in using them or connecting lesser devices to your personal smartphone. Also, limit the information you divulge online and engage in multiple online interests to confuse cyber marketing spies.

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