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Best Mobile Phones for Students

Mobile Phones for Students

If there’s a market demographic that uses mobile phones the most, then it’s arguably the students. We already know what students do with mobile phones billig mobilabonnement– they post selfies, scroll news feeds in their social media accounts, watch viral videos, and do so many more. But there are much more important reasons why students use them; students use smartphones for research and school-related purposes. So if you have a kid who’s going to college soon, you might want to consider purchasing mobile plans for him.

iPhone 6s

The iPhone 6s may be an outdated model in the eyes of avid Apple users, but that doesn’t mean it’s not good. An Apple user might recommend the iPhone 7, but the iPhone 6s is $100 cheaper. Plus, the iPhone 7 is only slightly much better than 6s. The 6s also has great speed, quality camera, and other features that are proven to be useful for a Millennial and Generation Z student. To sum it all up, the iPhone 6 is a cheaper alternative to the iPhone 7.

iPhone X

Although the iPhone X is way much more expensive than the iPhone 6s, it’s certainly worth the money. The iPhone X is even considered as the best mobile phone that Apple has made, for good reasons. This is due to its face ID recognition, wider and clearer display, wireless charging capability, water-resistant capability, long battery life, and of course, high-quality camera. The face recognition is certainly a useful feature to add to the security of a student’s phone. Plus, your kid will basically have no reason to not answer your calls, thanks to its long battery life and wireless charging capability.

Samsung Galaxy S9

The Samsung Galaxy S9 is an ideal alternative if your kid is not a fan of the iPhone X or Apple itself. The Galaxy S9 possesses similar features with the iPhone X, and it’s a much better device when it comes to doing school works. Not only that, but it is also $230 cheaper compared to the iPhone X. However, its price may be higher depending on its storage capacity, but its highest possible price still doesn’t surpass the iPhone X’s price. Moreover, since its release, the Galaxy S9 has been showered with positive reviews from both tech experts and first-time users.

Google Pixel 2

If your kid is into taking photos and has the heart of a photographer, then you should consider the Google Pixel 2. However, this mobile phone falls short of some of the features the previous phones in this list has. Nevertheless, its superior camera quality makes up for it. It’s even cheaper than the Galaxy S9 and iPhone X, and its battery life is much longer. It’s very likely that your kid will be satisfied with the Google Pixel 2.

Whatever smartphone you choose to purchase for your kid, for certain, it will cost you quite a lot. However, the money you’ve spent on these devices will be well worth it. Nowadays, schools and universities are quite advanced as they gladly embrace modern technology. With that in mind, your kid will also need a quality smartphone for their school requirements.

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