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SERC and Wireless Research Centre’s Collaboration with Chris Hendricks

Chris Hendricks is a doctoral student from Massey University. He has previously worked with Sirtrack as a Wildlife Telemetry Consultant and he was also a Product Manager of Trimble.

He is widely known for his work in relation to the development of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles or UAVs. It is known in layman’s term as drones.

Drones have gained popularity over the years and it has likewise evolved in terms of its features.

It has helped a lot of researchers in terms of conducting their studies in far-flung areas or hard-to-reach areas since the drones can get a clear view of the areas without having to be physically present in the location.

Chris Hendricks has been conducting research regarding yellow-eyed penguins, their population and the foraging dynamics. In his research, he used a very high-frequency drone to locate nests in the sub-Antarctic areas. The drones are more efficient in these types of studies due to the difficulty of conducting a tracking system in such an environment. He likewise used the drone to track adult birds that had very high-frequency transmitters attached to them.

Chris Hendricks is dedicated to preserving the ecology and proper management of the wildlife. To do so, he uses the latest innovative technology to aid him in conducting his research and studies.

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