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The Wireless Research Centre is a good training ground for Engineering students who would want to put their knowledge and skills to the test.


The Wireless Research Centre conducts research relating to the wireless communication industry, taking into account the latest developments in technology and the current situation of the society.

The Wireless Research Centre provides a unique and effective platform to cater to both students and industrial providers towards the goal of achieving the maximum potential of what wireless research can provide to society. The Centre is conscious of the latest trends in the market as well as the technological advancements, and we aim to further expand our knowledge, so we can innovate solutions to the challenges posed in science and other technical aspects relating to wireless communication.

The Centre is equipped with the resources and the advisers to help train students, so they may develop their talents and skills in order to bring out the best of their abilities. With the training and experience that the students will be exposed to, they will be able to graduate as well-trained students who are ready for employment.

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CBD on E-commerce

The Impact of CBD on E-commerce

Cannabidiol, which is also known as CBD, has been increasingly sought out for its antipsychotic benefits. However, controversies on Gtvok’s CBD reviews regarding its legality have also been increasing. It is because of its association with medical marijuana, which in some states is still illegal, but CDB is entirely different. Although it is an essential ingredient of medical marijuana, CBD is from the hemp plant, which has been a legalized industry in the United States since 2018. It has currently taken popularity in Ecommerce due to promised benefits, and here are the pros and cons of its impact.
1.) Marketing advantage
You can see how brandings and CBD product subscription boxes have been increasingly …

Travel Photographers Guide

Travel Photographers Guide: Portable Hard Drives

Portable hard drives and the photo stick reviews uk are the most useful mass storage device any travel photographer should have in their bags and kits. While it packs a truly massive storage capacity for your most high definition photos and files, its contents can also be accessed on any PC via its USB cord.
If you are planning to travel for photography, if you aren’t a travel photographer by profession already, a portable storage will come in handy. Here is a guide to help you pack the portable hard drive that suits your photography and storage needs.
Using a Portable Hard Drive for Photo Storage
For those who do not know what a portable hard drive is, this is a stand-alone storage device that is …

Proxy Server on Android

A Guide to Configure a Proxy Server on Android

Have you ever wondered whether you could configure a proxy server on your Android phone? So you wont need to buy proxy next time.
Once you need it, you feel desperate to know how to actually do it successfully. Proxies set up may be a difficult task for some, but with the right guide, you will be able to finally do it.In fact, you don’t even have to hire high-pricing operators to do it for you. You can just set up proxies easily. Just read on and find out how.
Steps on Configuring Proxies with Ease:
1. Go to Settings.
The first thing that you need to do is to go to your device’s settings. Here, you can find lots of functions and changes that you would want to do with your phone. This is an opportunity for you…

Products on Instagram

Tips on Marketing Your Products on Instagram

One of the greatest things about technology is that it allows people to connect with one another despite time and distance. Social media platforms like Instagram have been a huge medium for people to interact with. However, that’s not the only thing they’re useful for; Instagram, for instance, can serve as a good and reliable platform to market your products. If you’re an entrepreneur you can buy instagram account to do it right.
Here are some ways you can market your products on IG:
1.Set An Instagram Business Account
While an Instagram account alone can already help with the sales of your product, using an Instagram Business Account will be more helpful. With this type of account, you get to use …

Online and Offline Photo Storage

7 Best Options For Online and Offline Photo Storage

Nowadays, it is very easy to take pictures of the highest quality.  Because of this, one can capture wonderful memories in full HD.  With this, however, the problem of photo storage arises.  High-quality images can take up a lot of space in the local hard drive of your computer, forcing you to offload some photos to free up space.
In order to preserve and protect these precious memories, you’re going to need reliable photo storage and back-up system.  For this, you have at your disposal, online and offline options, whichever fits your requirements.  In this article, you will be provided with the seven best options (including the best mobile sticks for photos) both for online and offline storage.

CBD Oil Helps Vertigo

How CBD Oil Helps Vertigo and Tinnitus in Call Center Agents

The Philippine Journal of Ophthalmology in 2008, published a journal on call center agents.You can visit this link to know in the journal were the ear and eye conditions these agents are likely to suffer. By spending the most time on the computer and on listening to headphones, they are prone to suffer eye conditions and acoustic shock disorder.
In line with this, a study conducted in Britain in 2006 revealed that more than 1,000 call center agents suffer the effects of extreme noise. Individuals start experiencing ear pressure and tinnitus follows. Later, they experience fluctuating hearing loss followed by acute vertigo episodes.
What is Vertigo?
Vertigo is that sensation which makes you feel as though you are …

Connecting Roblox

Connecting Roblox to Your Discord

A discord is also termed as a skype for gamers because its function is similar to skype but it is designed specifically for gamers. It is where you can communicate with other gamers. As explained by Snurl, it is where you could easily check feedback of players about your game.
On the other hand, how are you going to connect it with your Roblox games? It is so easy. Use your webhook or create a webhook in your discord and use the link to connect your Roblox to your discord. Don’t know how? All you have to do is to follow these steps.
Log in to your discord account or sign up if you don’t have an account yet.
Signing up isn’t difficult. Just enter your email address, preferred user name, and …

Devices May Be Spying

These Devices May Be Spying On You

We are in an age where modern technology dominates everything around us, including our homes. Everywhere we go, we all have infrared game camera reviews, mobile phones that we use to communicate with everyone, whether it is through phone calls, texts, or even via the Internet. However, as much as technology is beneficial to our daily activities, most of these devices are used for other purposes.
Most governments and powerful world organizations were seen to be spying on us, and they are using the latest technologies to know everything about us, our daily activities, our likes and preferences, and even our secrets which they use for personal and organizational gains and profits.
While we don’t want you to panic, here are two of …

Facebook to the Communications Sector

The Importance of Facebook to the Communications Sector

For years now, Facebook and facebook auto liker has become a social phenomenon that has taken the world by storm with its ability to connect users around the world. At first, Facebook was developed as a way for Harvard students to connect with each other.
But now, it is one of the leading social networking sites with over 900 million monthly active users. Therefore, it’s no surprise that it plays an important role in the sector of communication.
Connecting the World
For starters, Facebook is a social media tool that provides a platform for users around the world to connect with one another. Beyond this, Facebook also has an interface designed to allow further connections which are becoming a crucial …

Best Communication Channels at Work

How to Pick the Best Communication Channels at Work?

One of the environments that allow people to deal with a lot of people is work. With the diversity among people, communication here can be tricky. While some are naturally good at communicating like top 10 best websites and conveying any kind of message seems effortless to them, others actually need to learn a bit more about how to pick the best communication channels at work.
Here are some things you should consider when picking the best communication channel at work:
What is a Communication Channel and What Are Its Types?
Communication channel means any method wherein information is passed from one to the other. There are many types of communication channels available at work: face-to-face or personal, mobile, and written…

Mobile Hosting

How to Choose the Right Mobile Hosting

Majority of business owners are beginning to understand the importance of creating quality, reliable web content. However, the critical process of choosing the right company for web hosting is overlooked.
Why Web Hosting is Important
Choosing the right web hosting company translates to a lifetime of a reliable, high-performing website which is available on your phone, email, and chats. Hosting offers several advantages, but the most crucial factor to consider for your site is the mobile option.
Today, the majority of internet searches are done using a mobile phone. To stay ahead of the competition, most businesses opt for a mobile web hosting provider as it will enable a smooth transition from the typical website to a …

T-Shirt Design

How A Custom T-Shirt Design Can Help You Promote Your Wireless Communication Business

There are a number of marketing strategies available. One approach that is found effective is through custom t shirts. The customization of t-shirts as part of the marketing approach paves a path for a business brand to be established effectively. Let us examine what makes custom t-shirts an effective marketing style.
A lot of business companies spend a huge amount of money on marketing per se. This is because marketing should be done in the most effective way. With the right marketing approach, a business company can maximize its resources, and at the same time, catch the attention of the target population.
People Wearing Custom T-Shirts Are Walking Advertisers
Highway billboards advertise to commuters; custom t-shirts are …


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